Palau Payar Marine Park (Langkawi)

Jin palau payar

This is a must do for every thrill seeker visiting Langkawi. Snorkelling is one amongst the many full day activity to be done whilst in Langkawi. If this is your first time Snorkelling, believe me you will not be disappointed. For others who are regulars, this may not be the thing for you, however more advanced snorkelling trips can be planned by getting in touch with local trip organizers.

Palau Payar

How to book a Snorkelling trip
Walk into any of the many tour operators along the beach side either on Pentai Cenang or at the Pier. Do not settle with the first tour operator whom you talk to, as you can bargain after talking to a few operators.
Also check this site for snorkeling packages

What to expect
As mentioned earlier for a first timer this is completely worth it. You will be picked by bus and taken to the pier, from where expect a one hour speed boat ride to get to Palau Payar Marine Park (included in package). You would be snorkeling through the day, so keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. Lunch is included in the package, point to remember in case you are vegetarian, make it a point to inform the tour operator while booking the tickets as the organizers arrange to veg packed lunch only on request. The lunch is basic but good. After the entire day activity, drop back to the hotel or main drop location is also included in the package.
Attention for Non-Veg : Please ensure that your hands do not smell of meat. There are many reef sharks in this area. The Sharks are drawn to the smell of meat, though usually reef sharks do not attack unless provoked, why give them a reason to. The one I saw in the picture below is well more than three feet long.


What to wear and swimming proficiency
Dress up in the clothes that are most comfortable to you, so special clothing is required or expected. Do not forget to carry a really effective sun block. In terms of swimming proficiency, even a non swimmer can enjoy snorkeling, as it is advised to keep the life jackets on, even for proficient swimmers.

What can you see

The reef
The reef
Fish along the reef
Fish along the reef
Up close and personal
Up close and personal

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